The «Drunk User» mode for smartphones will not give fools


The Chinese company Gree Electric Appliances has developed a «drunk user» mode, which restricts access to some applications and smartphone settings in a drunken state.

Not only car management, but also many other actions after a few alcohol glasses can lead to the results that you can then regret. Their number includes sending messages and calls from a mobile phone in a drunk.

It seems that the Gree Electric Appliances programmers have found a way to solve this problem. The company filed a patent application for a «Drunk User» mode for smartphones, which, unlike existing applications, provides an integrated approach.

According to the description, when it is activated, the user selects applications, access to which will be limited or completely prohibited, and also sets ways to check to turn off the mode. It is possible to fully use the smartphone again only after passing a pre-approved sobriety test.

The mode also simplifies interaction with important functions so that the user can easily access access in any state without any problems.

It is still unknown when this mode will be in open access outside of China, but manufacturers can develop their own similar solutions and integrate them by default.

Recall that last year, Apple filed a patent application for technology that will automatically hide the contents of the device screen.

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