The cryptocurrency market worked out for the weekend increase due to lack of «energy»


TO Tuesday Bitcoin played back the increased increase, returning to $ 32,400 — 33,200.

The market did not score sufficient energy to go out in one or another side of the wider corridor and it is likely that this will happen today after the release of the consumer price change in the US at 15:30 Moscow time. He will affect the perception of the turning time of the American Central Bank of the Program on the saturation of the global financial system by liquidity, which will predetermine the attitude of investors to risk as a whole, including in relation to cryptocurrency.

Market positioning per day has not changed — traders are ready for the sales of dollar and as a result of risk purchases and Bitcoin.

Fresh data from Glassnode pointed out to continue the outflow of coins from the stock exchange, an average of 2000 BTC per day. Housranty increased — North American miners enjoy opening opportunities to increase market share. Against the reduction in the complexity of mining, daily income increased, which made it possible to move to the accumulation of bitcoins produced and further reduced sales pressure. The STABLECOIN SUPPLY RATIO indicator continues to update the minimum, indicating the significant potential of the return of buyers.

Yesterday’s rollback occurred against the background of continuing spinning

It can potentially become a new pressure element, something like a hybrid war. In the future, the authorities may pay attention to such aspect as insufficient protection of investors from failures in the context of amplification of volatility, which can be expected today in the afternoon. It may well pull on the decision if the goal is to discredit the largest cryptochegia, while there are no serious legislative levers of pressure due to technological restrictions.

Despite the preservation of an unfavorable news background, the technical situation and network data does not support it. Tracking coinshares flows in cryptocurrency funds following last week recorded an outflow of $ 4 million after the inflow previously at $ 63 million — but there is nothing dramatic. Even the decrease in Etherium to the psychological level of $ 2000, as a result of which the Bitcoin domination index rose up to 45%, does not change fundamentally. Cryptovaya Capitalization Second

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