The course of Etherium rose above $ 2100, setting a new historical maximum


Today, the price of Etheruum (ETH) overcame the level of $ 2100 and continues to fluctuate within its limits.

At night, the course of the air established a new historical maximum of $ 2135, surpassing the previous record for almost $ 100. Over the past day, the price of the second on market capitalization cryptocurrency increased by 5.07%, increased by 24% for the week, and from the beginning of 2021 almost tripled. At the time of publication, ETH is traded at $ 2102.

Analysts associate raising the course with

Researchers also note an increase in demand for Etherium-options due to seasonality of the dynamics of ETH. All previous years in May Ether exceeded Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of price growth.

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