The course of Etherium for the first time rose above $ 1,500 amid inspiration of the options market


The price of Etherium (ETH) has reached a new historical maximum, exceeding a $ 1550 mark against the background of a consideration of bovon trends in the markets of options and decentralized finances.

On the evening of February 2, the course of Ether overcame the mark of $ 1500 and continues to be sure to hold the items reached. At the time of publication, ETN is traded at $ 1556.

One of the factors of the current growth of analysts consider positive dynamics in the market of options on the air. On some platforms, the volume of purchase orders (collov) reaches 80%. Increasing interest in DEFI Against the background of retailers in the American markets also stimulates growth.

The price of the ether did not roll back to reaching the historical maximum last week, which indicates the weakening of resistance and strengthening of the on-line bulls. Further retention of current positions will cause the formation of a sufficiently strong level of support about $ 1440.

Recently, the head of the Broker data analysis department, Yuri Mazur, spoke about why during 2021 he expects a systematic growth of ETH / USD and achievements

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