The concept of the first supersonic unmanned fighter has been developed


Kelley Aerospace presented the concept of the first supersonic unmanned combat aircraft «Arrow».

The developed fighter model has a solid streamlined body made of carbon fiber, which makes it enough light and at the same time durable. At the maximum mass of 16.8 tons, the UAV can fly with a moment of 2.6 kN ∙ m.

The company’s engineers claim that the «boom» can be equipped with a set of different sensors and carry several weapons systems, so it will be able to perform a wide range of tasks with a high level of risk and coordinate its actions with other drones by forming a swarm.

Kelley Aerospace is also developing a black eagle UAV, which will be able to carry a large payload.

In the estimated value of one «arrows» at $ 16 million, the company reported that after a recent presentation received preliminary orders for 100 units. The current version of the fighter still requires the control of a qualified operator.

However, soon unmanned systems will be able to do without instructions. For example, in December Boeing conducted flight tests of the Royal BPLA, which

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