The complexity of Mineland Bitcoins jumped against the background of the resumption of ASIC supplies


After a two-month break, the complexity of bitcoin production began to grow again, reaching a new record level.

According to’s pool, at night, the mining complexity indicator jumped to 23.14 trillion, which is almost 6% higher than the previous value established on March 20. The latter increase is the largest over the past 2 months, during which stabilization was observed in the level of 21.5 trillion with small oscillations.

During this period, the complexity of production marked noticeably from the dynamics of the cryptocurrency course due to the delay in the supply of new models of asians caused by chip deficiency. Since March, buyers began to receive their equipment and connect it to the network.

This confirms the increase in Hesreit from 156 eh / s to 165 eh / s for the last 2 weeks. An increase of 9 eh / with equivalent to connecting about 90 thousand recent ASIC models, such as Antminer S19 Pro.

The restraining factor of further enhancement is the five-time surgery of the prices for the Asian compared with the November indicators of the period of opening pre-orders.

For miners, two past months have become the most successful for all history. Only in March their total income

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