The complexity of Mineland Bitcoin fell by 16% due to the reduction of the power of Chinese farms


As a result of the night correction of the complexity of the Bitcoin network, it decreased from 25.05 to 21.05 trillion. The decline is due to the downturn of Holsreit because of the interruptions in the work of Chinese mining farms.

A decrease in total computing power began on May 16, when the authorities of the Chinese province of Sichuan ordered local enterprises to temporarily limit the consumption of electricity due to the low volume of its production by local hydroelectric power plants. The reason for everything was the delay of the rainy season, and nor

Mainers have expected the fall in difficulty, since even May 21 Hesherate Bitcoin asked to 147 eh / s, and the average closing time of blocks increased to 11.8 minutes, instead of standard 10. Since then, Hescheraite has risen slightly, up to 149.5 eh / s.

Currently, miners expect how the Sichuan government responds to the appeal of the State Council of the PRC to curb the cryptocurrency production activities due to its negative impact on the environment.

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