The collapse of the Bitcoin rate led to the liquidation of long positions of $ 9.2 billion


In just 15 in the morning, on April 18, the Bitcoin rate fell by more than $ 7 thousand, which provoked a wave of eliminating long positions.

Practically instant collapse with $ 59 thousand to $ 51.5 thousand. During the Asian session, became a surprise for the market. According to the platform, only for this hour has been eliminated by long positions in cryptocurrency for $ 4.3 billion, and in the total per day the amount reached $ 9.2 billion.

The exact reason for such a strong recession is unknown. Potential trigger could serve

Another factor of the worsening of the market attitude could also be rumors about the US Treasury plans to sue several financial institutions, accusing them in laundering money using digital assets. Although there are no official confirmations and details yet.

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