The Bitcoin rate fell below $ 30 thousand while investors accumulate coins


According to the provider of the network analytics Glassnode, despite the protracted decline in the crypton, in recent months, investors are actively buying bitcoins on the stock exchanges.

On Tuesday, the BTC course fell below $ 30 thousand, which is the lowest level.

These companies indicate that the stocks of bitcoins on cryptocheges are gradually dried. Monthly their reserves are reduced by an average of 36,000 BTC (about $ 1 billion at the current rate). According to the analysts of GlassNode, this indicates regular purchases of large investors, which move the acquired digital assets to safe storage facilities, and do not hold on stock deposits, preparing for sale.

The company also recorded an increase in the number of organizations (including miners), storing and accumulating bitcoins. From May to the present, their number has grown from 250 thousand to 300 thousand. During the same period, the number of clusters of unique addresses related to sales of cryptocurrencies has decreased from 150 thousand to 100 thousand, and those who have increased — increased from 190 thousand . up to 250 thousand

At the same time, Glassnode analysts note a strong division of moods of market participants, predicting that in a short time it will lead to an increase in volatility.

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