The Bitcoin course rose to a record $ 64 thousand on the wave of market inspiration


On April 14, the price of Bitcoin overcame the mark of $ 64 thousand, setting a new historical maximum.

Direct Listing Coinbase Cryptobse stock at NASDAQ inspired the market and served as a powerful pulse for growing courses of almost all cryptocurrency. The previous price record at $ 61.6 was overcome yesterday, but since the event continues to actively stimulate the interest of investors, the total current movement dynamics remains positive. At the time of publication BTC trades $ 64,450 with a daily increase of 6.64%.

According to the Cryptocompare service, over the past three days, trading on leading cryptocils has increased almost twice (from $ 2 billion to $ 3.9 billion), but still has not yet reached the level observed in the 20th of March.

The Bull Trend also stimulates the Bitcoin-futures market, on which the annual bonus on three-month contracts is approaching 50%.

At the same time, many altcoins demonstrate an even more impressive increase. Over the past day, the ether course (ETH) rose by 10.1% before the record $ 2379. The XRP price quickly restores lost positions and has already reached $ 1.91 with a daily increase of 23%. DOGECOIN (DOGE) During the same time added 77.7%.

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