The Bitcoin course again rose above $ 60 thousand.



The last time the BTC course was at the given level on March 15 and has moved $ 50 thousand since then. However, on the night of April 10, the bulls began to actively buy short positions, eliminating the order for sale for almost $ 164 million. This pulse was enough for breakdown , increase the price of leading cryptocurrency to $ 61 thousand and subsequent consolidation in the area of $ 60.5 thousand.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin trades $ 60466 with a daily increase of 4.55% and everything indicates that bulls continue to control the situation. Many analysts believe that the market has not yet reached its peak in the current cycle, but also do not exclude the return to stagnation due to the reduction of volatility and trading volumes.

Even despite the short-term fluctuations, the yield of BTC over the past decade is superior to the indicator of any other class of assets

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