Thai regulator banned cryptocharm to work with some types of tokens


The Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission introduced new rules for doing business with digital assets prohibiting stock exchanges with four types of tokens.

On Friday, the head of the department approved new conditions for listing assets, according to which cryptobiri cannot use in their activities token on the basis of memes, fan and non-financial (NFT) tokens.

In addition, the regulator ruled that cryptoacivisses issued by the trading platforms themselves (exchange tokens) must comply with the requirements of all official regulations and guidelines in this field, otherwise they should also be excluded.

Thai companies have 30 days for analysis and revision of the list of supported assets to bring it in line with new rules.

Since the beginning of the year, SEC of Thailand has strengthened pressure on crypto industry. Earlier it was suggested to allow to invest in cryptocurrency only citizens with annual income above $ 32 thousand and to oblige from to undergo a course of learning Cryptotreeding.

At the same time, the Central Bank of the Asian country actively integrates a distributed registry technology. Last year he launched a payment

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