TCL will release the wearable OLED display for the smartphone in the form of glasses


Since July, TCL will start selling a wearable display for a phone that a person’s eyes will perceive as a 140-inch.

The device was presented back in 2019, but the serial release began only now. It was named NXTWEAR G and is points with two built-in stereo speakers and micro-OLED displays with a resolution of 1080p. The user perceives them as a 140-inch screen with the aspect ratio of 16: 9.

According to the technical description of the Chinese manufacturer, the device can produce content in 4K and 3D format. The current version does not support virtual and augmented reality technologies, unlike

The mass of the NXTWEAR G with the wire is 100 g. Although the wearable display does not have a battery, but it has an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. According to the manufacturer, it can be worn over the glasses.

The manufacturer has not yet disclosed at what price will sell NXTWEAR G, but the first market to which they will fall will become Australia. Sales must begin with the next month.

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