Swiss Canton Zug began to accept tax payments in the Bitcoin and Ether


Residents of the Swiss Territorial Administrative Unit of Tsug can now pay their tax liabilities using Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

As part of the initiative, the authorities collaborate with Bitcoin Suisse cryptocurrency company, which will convert digital payments of residents to local francs and transmit them to the treasury.

To pay taxes with a new way enough to scan the QR code and send a transaction from any wallet. However, in this way, no more than 100 thousand Swiss francs can be translated (about $ 110 thousand).

This method of paying taxes is not a novelty for Switzerland. The TSUGA Tax Service since 2016 began to take cryptocurrency payments. Later, similar ways to pay small amounts added Municipalities Zermatt and Kyassso.

Despite the convenient opportunity during the current

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