Swedes will spend $ 3 billion on the world’s largest metallurgical plant operating on hydrogen


In 2024, H2 Green Steel plans to launch the world’s largest steel manufacturing enterprise operating on hydrogen fuel.

Over the past year, more than 1.86 billion tons of steel were produced in total. In metallurgy, 75% of all energy consumed is to coke (specially treated coal) and it is estimated for emissions of 7-8% carbon dioxide. Therefore, European countries gradually translate the heavy industry on alternative sources.

The H2GS Initiative, headed by the CEO of the Scania automaker, provides for the construction of a metallurgical plant in the north of Sweden, which will not pollute the environment at all. The project budget is $ 3 billion.

The company will receive hydrogen from electrolyzer installations that are energized from renewable energy sources in the Sweden Boden-Luleå.

The first casting is scheduled for 2024, and by 2030 the plant must reach an annual power of 5 million tons of high-quality metal. The company will produce hot, cold-rolled and galvanized rolled steel, which will be used in the automotive industry, the transport system, the construction sphere, as well as for the manufacture of household appliances.

Since last year, an experimental plant for the production of steel has already been operating in the northern country.

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