Sweden will move the test of the digital crown to the current bank network


Rixbank, the Central Bank of Sweden, attracted to testing a digital crown one of the largest financial companies in the country.

As part of the Pilot Program, the Central Bank will postpone the tests of E-KRONA from the medium simulated in the Sandbox to the current commercial network of Handelsbanken banks. This step will help Rixbank to evaluate the real prospects for the use of digital crown not only in large corporate operations, but also for small retail payments.

The project of the Swedish CBDC was created on the basis of the distributed CORDA registry of the R3 Consortium. Sweden

So far, the only state that launched the national digital currency is the Bahamas, and only two countries (Sweden and China) have begun open tests. However, according to the Bank of International Claims, central banks representing 20% of the world’s population are likely to release their CBDC in the next three years.

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