Standard Chartered predicts the raising of the Bitcoin course to $ 100 thousand to 2022


Analysts of one of the largest British banks Standard Chartered believe that in the late 2021 or early 2022, the Bitcoin rate will reach $ 100 thousand, and Etherumer will survive the explosive growth.

The team of the cryptocurrency division of the transnational corporation refers

Experts predict that in the next six months the price of BTC can rise to $ 100 thousand, since the first cryptocurrency is on the way to leadership in global peer-to-peer payments for people who do not have access to banks.

The Standard Chartered also indicate that in parallel with Bitcoin, the rapid growth of Etherium will be observed. According to estimates of the bank researchers, currently the price of ETH is structurally strongly understated, and should be in the range of $ 26,000- $ 35,000, but in order for this to happen, BTC should rise to $ 175,000.

Meanwhile, according to Arcane Research, long-term holders continue to accumulate coins. From April, their reserves rose by 20%, and reached 13 million bitcoins.

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