Spanish company will send tourists to space on huge helium balls


Zero 2 Infinity offers to look at our planet from the upper stratospheres on board the capsule attached to the giant helium ball.

This journey will take about five hours, and two pilots will follow the entire process. For 4 hours of take-off, Bloon capsule can raise up to four passengers to a height of 40 km. For comparison, commercial aircraft flies about 10 km above the ground.

In the stratosphere, tourists will be able not only to enjoy the view of the surface of the planet, but also to see open space. After that, the capsule is separated from the balloon and turns the parachute, smoothly dropping over an hour to the surface.

Depending on weather conditions, the landing can occur within a radius of 300 km from the start place. Immediately after landing, passengers will meet representatives of the company with transport. This year, Zero 2 Infinity successfully conducted a test flight with a robot on board the capsule, which rose to a height of 36 km. Official representatives have not yet been disclosed to the deadlines for the provision of services.

Since this method does not require the use of expensive missiles, the cost of one trip for each passenger will be about $ 130 thousand. This is much cheaper SPACEX offers and

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