Spacex will start launching rockets from the sea cosmodrome next year


Ilon Mask stated that Spacex was building the Dimos Maritime Platform and the first StarShip ships should start from it in 2022.

Last year, the company acquired two non-working oil towers off the coast of Texas to turn them into floating cosmodromes. After re-equipping the platform, the names of Phobos and Dimimos in honor of the two satellites of Mars.

They will become part of the future

So far, Ilon Musk did not announce the specific timelines for the start of flights to the Red Planet. The nearest window for running when land and Mars are at the minimum distance, will be in 2024. Such a rapprochement of the planets occurs about once every 2 years.

Earlier, the head of Spacex said that the first people who would go to Mars could be compared with the early researchers Antarctica.

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