Space service robot extended the service life of the orbital satellite for five years


The MEV-2 robot successfully docked to the drifting satellite Intelsat IS-10-02 for refueling and took over control over the next five years.

Spacecraft are created very reliable, so the main reason for their failure is not a breakdown, but exhausting fuel reserves. Intelsat IS-10-02 Commercial Commercial Communications Satellite of Intelsat IS-10-02 collided with this problem. However, the Northrop Grumman service robot was for the first time to extend his service life.

The Robotic MEV-2 ship smoothly approached Intelsat IS-10-02 on a geostationary orbit since August 2020 and just now docked him. He captured the satellite, attached and started pumping fuel into the engine through the probe. The robot will help the device to correct the orbit and will remain with it for the next five years, and then switches to the next one.

The refueling helped to save the owner of the communication satellite millions of dollars.

Currently, Northrop Grumman is developing a repair cosmic robot that can eliminate technical breakdowns, modify, conduct inspection of devices and deliver capsules with flammable without the need for docking.

The satellites disabled are a serious threat not only for existing devices, but also can contaminate the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, Japanese scientists are developing satellites

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