Smartphone screens from new material will be able to «heal» cracked themselves


The researchers synthesized the most durable self-repairing material, which can help electronic devices «Half» a cracked screen in less than a second.

For more than 30 years, scientists have been developing materials that can independently restore their structure after damage. Now they are used to increase wear resistance in construction, automotive industry and aerospace industry. However, so far

Now researchers from the Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Research in Calcutta, together with colleagues, organic crystalline material with a unique internal structure were synthesized from the Indian Technological Institute in Haragpur.

Its molecules are ordered in such a way that in the destruction of the crystal between the surfaces of the split, a strong force of attraction arises, forcing the fragments to connect again. At the same time, a new self-healing material is 10 times more than other existing analogs, has good optical indicators and is a piezoelectric.

As part of the study, the team created tiny single-crystal rods with a length of 1- 2 mm and a width of 0.1-0.2 mm. During the experiments, the obtained samples broke with a metal needle. After the formation of cracks, the structure of the material was restored in less than a second.

According to scientists, it can be used to create screens of smartphones that can repair themselves when falling or shuffles. However, the commercialization of technology will require time, so you should not expect such a function in the nearest models of mobile phones.

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