Singapore brought to the streets-patrol streets to monitor compliance with social norms


Singapore’s science and technology agency sent Xavier unmanned robots to patrolling the streets of Toa Payoh Central.

As part of a three-week pilot project, robots will help civil servants to follow violations of social norms of behavior, such as smoking in prohibited locations, illegal trade, incorrectly parked bikes, meeting more than five people in accordance with existing social distance and similar measures.

The XAVIER case has a trapezoid form with four wheels. It is equipped with a set of sensors for stand-alone navigation, a 360-degree camera, a video stream from which is transmitted to the control center and control, several systems for sensing and collecting analyzes, as well as an interactive dashboard on which civil servants can receive the necessary data, track and give commands to others robots.

When identifying violations, Xavier is noting a control center and informs others to prevent such behavior.

With the help of robots, the Government of Singapore wants to increase the level of security on the streets of the city, in parallel, removing part of the load from the police and other civil servants.

Previously, patrol robots were also tested in

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