Since the beginning of the year, more than 10 thousand new cryptocurrency ATMs have been established


According to Coin ATM Radar, from the beginning of 2021 more than 10 thousand new cryptocurrency ATMs were installed in the world.

According to the site, in just 7 months their number has increased from 13,993 to 24,068 units, which in relative terms corresponds to 72 percent increase. Now approximately 52.3 cryptomat is set daily. The current rates are excellent in 2020, for which 7620 new units were established, and the annual increase was 119.6%.

As before, the growth is mainly due to the rapid spread of ATM in the United States, where 20,804 units have already been placed (more than 86%) and each day open almost 48 new ones. The EU has only 1199 units, in Canada — 1632, in Australia and the United Kingdom — by 156. Distribution of a bit

Globally, currently cryptocurrency ATMs are located in 75 countries of the world, they are all serviced by 42-meters. The largest market share (40.9%) belongs to Genesis Coin, followed by General Bytes with 24%, the remaining 35.1% are manufactured by other 40 firms.

The largest operator in this area is Bitcoin Depot, controlling 15.8% ATM, second place is CoinCloud from 10.9%, the third is Coinflip from 10.4%. The rest of the companies have no more than 5.3%, and the top ten accounts for 65.2% of the market.

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