ShapeShift will hold the largest AIDROP in the history of the project reorganization


One of the oldest storage platforms for ShapeShift cryptocurrency reported on plans to open its source code and reorganize into a fully decentralized project.

According to the announcement, the company launched a multi-month chart of closing a legal entity and transition to a decentralized autonomous organization (

At the time of publication, the Fox rate is $ 0.29, but the total cost of Ayirdroprop will be significantly less than $ 100 million due to the release of millions of new digital assets. Now there are only 10 million tokens, but complete emissions will be 1,000 001 337 without inflation.

The reorganization plan provides that 34% of their total volume will be distributed among the users of the platform, which, depending on the activity and residues on the wallet, will receive from 200 to 8500 FOX. Another 32% will be transferred to employees, 24% will move to ShapeShift Dao, 7.5% — to the Structure Management Fund, which cannot be decentralized and 1.3% will be used by the Company itself during collaboration.

The first wave of distribution will be held on July 16 at 9:00 Moscow time. Methods for obtaining detailed description of the company’s blog.

In the SHAPESHIFT conversion process, it will dismiss all 65 employees, it will open the source code of the platform, and will transmit all the control functions of the tokens holders.

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