Scots built the largest floating tidal turbine


The Scottish Orbital Marine Power company completed the construction of the most powerful in today’s floating tidal turbine O2.

Although the gravity of the moon has significantly less potential as a renewable energy source than sunlight, it is a significant element of alternative energy. When the gravity of the satellite raises huge amounts of water in the area of Cape or narrow cleft, it creates high fast waves whose kinetic energy can be collected using special turbines.

This technology is not new, and tidal power plants are placed in many coastal areas around the world, but their construction requires huge costs and is associated with some negative environmental consequences. Therefore, instead of using stationary underwater barriers, Orbital engineers offered a floating platform with two underwater turbines.

The constructed model O2 with a nominal capacity of 2 MW has two 20-meter rotor fixed on 18 meter hinged «fins». The length of the platform itself is 74 m. The prototype of the first model (SR2000) with the same rated power indicator for a year produced about 3 GW ∙ h of electricity.

The cost of such a tidal turbine is $ 298 million, which is cheaper than the erection of stationary stations. At the same time, it can be installed in a convenient location of the channel, accelerating the tidal flow, simply fixing the bottom in four places.

Currently, the O2 platform is already on the water and is transported to the Orcane islands, where it will be tested.

Earlier, we also reported the construction of the first 826-ton

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