Scientists suggested that the laws of physics can evolve


A group of researchers from Microsoft believes that the Universe can improve their physical laws, how to neurallet.

In the new work, scientists compare the universe with a self-learning computer, which continuously studies its own algorithms and develops by converting existing models. As an analog, they lead the behavior of a deep recurrent cyclic neural network.

According to the team, the consequence of this is the infinite unidirectional evolution of the laws of nature, which will not be returned to the previous state, since their development is not accidental and must comply with the updated set of certain restrictions formed on the basis of the last model.

From the point of view of cosmology, the start could serve as the initial interaction between the elementary particles.

If the assumptions of scientists from Microsoft are correct, then the formation of a unified physical model of the universe is impossible, and we will continuously detect new aspects of the universe, trying to describe them and combine.


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