Scientists recorded signs of the mysterious state of the substance in the superconductor


Researchers noticed characteristic features of one of the exotic phases of matter in a non-traditional superconductor.

Unconventional superconductors have unusual characteristics, which, according to scientists, can make them able to carry out electricity with 100% efficiency in

The team from the US National Accelerator Laboratory of the US Department of Energy for the first time discovered the interaction of several unusual states in the QUATE LSCFO. As the temperature decreased to the superconducting range, the spin stripes occurred, which were intertwined, forming charge bands, which cause the appearance of two-dimensional fluctuations, which are a distinctive feature of pair density waves.

To observe patterns inside the material, they used an improved method of small x-ray x-ray scattering. Understanding the correlations of the effect with other phases can help figure out how superconductivity occurs in similar materials, allowing electrons to be combined and move without resistance.

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