Scientists opened a new material with the lowest thermal conductivity


The researchers synthesized a new inorganic material, combining two different layouts of atoms, each of which slows the speed of heat movement through the structure of the solid.

Currently, about 70% of the entire energy produced by humanity is spent as heat. Therefore, the development of materials with low thermal conductivity is important to reduce and dispose of these losses.

A group of scientists from the University of Liverpool studied mechanisms responsible for reducing heat transfer in two different layouts of atoms, each of which has the necessary parameters. When they were associated, the team expected the average value of the physical properties of the components, but the result was surprised.

As it turned out, the combination of two different atomic structures in the synthesized material led to a synergistic effect, as a result of which he began to show much lower thermal conductivity than with any of the layouts separately.

If we take the thermal conductivity of steel for 1, then for water it will be 0.01, for a new material — 0.001, and air — 0.0005. Such an indicator is the lowest among all inorganic solids known today.

According to the team, this discovery is of great importance for fundamental scientific research and will find practical application in the development of thermoelectric devices capturing the exhaust heat, as well as thermal coatings to increase the efficiency of gas turbines.

Earlier, we also reported the creation of a new polymer film, which

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