Scientists have turned wood waste into plastics


Researchers used wood waste to obtain high-quality biodegradable plastic.

Plastics is one of the main environmental pollutants due to a long period of decomposition. For its decomposition in vivo, hundreds of years are required. Therefore, in the last decade, scientists actively develop alternative polymeric materials that have similar characteristics, but not harmful nature.

The team from Maryland University in College Park presented another variant of biodegradable plastic made of wood biomass. For this purpose, researchers crushed waste to powder states to destroy porous structures, which was then mixed with a deeply eutectic solvent to obtain a homogeneous suspension. The finished viscous mixture can be cast and ride into the necessary forms without the destruction of the structure.

The resulting material has a high mechanical strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and liquid. At the same time, it is completely decomposed in the soil in three months and has a minimal effect on the environment, and also amenable to recycling.

Last year, engineers also turned the wood into a durable

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