Scientists have found new confirmations of the abnormal phase of matter to transmit information without energy loss


Researchers have discovered new evidence of the existence of an exciton insulating phase of a substance that can be the basis for the development of technology exchangeless energy exchange technologies.

In an exciton insulator, the energy wave must be maintained by charged neutral particles that can move with electronic speed. At the same time, they are able to transfer information without being exposed to traditional energy dissipation mechanisms.

Studying quantum material TA2NISE5, scientists from the University of Cambridge found in it the presence of extremely fast energy waves, which at room temperature were distributed from 1/10 speed of light. They appeared when the team directed short and intense laser pulses to the material.

Subsequent experiments of researchers have shown that with increasing the temperature of the energy wave at all ceased to form. As a result, they concluded that the only explanation of such a strange behavior of the substance is predicted for more than 60 years ago an abnormal phase of matter called an exciton insulator.

These studies may eventually lead to the creation of a new generation of technologies that will allow transferring data without energy loss.

Recall that previously physicists also proved that subatomic particles can

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