Scientists have found a new harmless way to treat alcoholism


Biologists have developed a mixture of two safe preparations, which suppresses the work of «proteins of dependence» only in the cells of the brain, without affecting the remaining tissues of the body.

The development of alcoholism and other forms of drug addiction in humans are caused by violations in the work of certain types of nerve cells in the adjacent kernel of the brain and some other related areas responsible for the feeling of pleasure. Recently, scientists have discovered that with such changes, the activity of the MTORC1 protein complex increases. The substance directly affects the development of addiction, and the decrease in its blood concentration reduces the thrust to alcohol and narcotic drugs.

However, in addition to neurons, this protein affects the immune system and the operation of the liver, so its complete suppression is very harmful. Now biologists from California University in San Francisco found a combination of drugs solving this problem.

In studies on mice with alcohol addiction, they used two drugs with opposite properties (RAPALINK-1 and RAPABLOCK). The first — suppresses the activity of MTORC1 proteins, and the second acts in the opposite way. However, Rapalink-1 is able to penetrate through the barrier separating the brain from the circulatory system, and the Rapablock is not.

Therefore, the simultaneous reception of these two drugs leads to the fact that MTORC1 is blocked only in brain cells and continues to act in the rest of the body.

Experiments have shown that such therapy reduced the craving for alcohol in mice with a dependence of 2-3 times. At the same time, rodents did not suffer from side effects characteristic of the suppression of the MTORC1 protein complex in the liver and other organs.

In the future, the team will examine whether it is possible to treat other dependencies in the same way and how safely the long-term use of the combination of drugs is.

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