Scientists have developed an oral insulin preparation for diabetics


Researchers have developed a system for oral insulin delivery based on nanocapsules, which can completely replace traditional injections.

To control the level of sugar in the blood of diabetics, they are forced to regularly introduce a hormone into the body by injection, which in addition to painful sensations is associated with undesirable side effects. However, now scientists from New York University in Abu Dhabi presented a more convenient form of the drug.

The group has developed nanocapsules consisting of a plurality of NCOF arresting organic frame layers filled with insulin. They protect the hormone from the gastric juice, ensure normalization of the sugar level for two hours after the reception and quickly respond to its normalization, blocking further splitting of the coating sheets to prevent overdose.

The oral method of delivering insulin in nanoparticles does not harm the body, is completely biocompatible and allows you to adjust the amount of the drug administered depending on the current need.

Perhaps soon the need for regular input of insulin drugs will go to the past, since recent scientists were able

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