Scientists have developed a new type of rocket engine that will speed up space travels 10 times


A new concept of a rocket engine has been proposed, which can generate exhaust at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per second, which is 10 times faster than other engines.

In modern plasma engines for moving particles and creating an exhaust, which promotes the spacecraft forward, electric fields are used, which does not allow to achieve a sufficiently strong specific impulse. However, the new concept of physics from the Princeton Laboratory of Plasma Physics of the Ministry of Energy of the United States allows these restrictions using the phenomenon of magnetic recondition.

Computer simulation has shown that such a plasma engine can generate exhaust at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per second by re-browsing magnetic lines at which a lot of energy is produced that accelerates charged particles to very high speeds. Typically, similar effects occur in the process of thermonuclear synthesis.

In the process of operation, such an engine will throw out not only particles of charged gas, but also plasmoids (magnetic bubbles) that increase its power. The ability to control the magnetic field will also allow the change of thrust and use any type of gas.

By calculations, the use of a new type missile engine can speed up space travels 10 times.

The next step will be the creation of the prototype.

Last month, we also reported the beginning of the tests of a new direct-flow air jet engine that will allow the aircraft to fly.

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