Scientists have created yeast for wood processing in ethanol


Researchers have developed a more effective method for converting wood and agricultural waste into ethanol with the help of a new strain of yeast.

Plant biomass is a rich natural source of carbon for the production of biofuels. However, the transformation of wood to ethanol complicates its internal properties that impede chemical decomposition. Now scientists from the National Laboons National Laboratory in Berkeley and National Sandondy laboratories found an inexpensive way to solve this problem.

The team created a special strain of yeast, which, together with a mixture of non-toxic chemicals and commercial enzymes, effectively processed wood in ethanol. The entire conversion process can occur continuously in one container.

The method allows processing the main types of wood and herbal biomass, and mixtures thereof. Technical and economic analysis showed that the cost of the alcohol produced in this way in recalculation to the liter equivalent of gasoline is about $ 0.5.

Scientists expect their technology to speed up the transition from gasoline to biofuels, and will also reduce the cost of the air fuel.

We previously reported on the technology of turning wood waste in

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