Scientists have created thermoelectric material with a hybrid atomic structure


Researchers opened a new type of thermoelectric materials that allow you to develop unique devices.

Thermoelectrics are used in a variety of electronic systems, from coolers to spacecraft, and their properties are determined by the atomic structure. Typically, solids have an ordered crystalline or randomly distributed amorphous. However, now the international group of scientists led by physicists from the University of Clemson created a new hybrid compound, simultaneously combining both of these types.

It consists of a mixture of elements of one group of periodic table with various sizes of atoms: sulfur with televir and copper with silver. The compound (Cu1-Xagx) 2 (TE1-YSY) has a unique dual structure, which is a weave of crystalline and amorphous lattices.

The new material has good thermoelectric characteristics, and its hybrid structure opens up opportunities for creating more efficient devices with unique properties. Although, according to the researchers themselves, the first real applications with such compounds will appear only after 10-20 years.

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