Scientists have created the first quantum network based on confusing qubits


Dutch researchers implemented a project of the first multi-nose quantum network.

The first steps to create a quantum Internet scientists did about 10 years ago by connecting two quantum devices by direct physical communication channel. However, so far such systems have no intermediate nodes (analogs of routers), which are crucial for a scalable network.

Now the team from the Delft Technical University presented a system connecting three quantum processors, and supporting key protocols. In addition, in the created network for the first time used intricate cubes.

The project of researchers is an elementary quantum network of three nodes within the same room. However, in contrast to the previous options, it has two channels connected by an intermediate node that establishes confusing links with two others and has one additional qubit to store previously generated information during the installation of a new connection.

The team also developed key basic protocols to maintain confusing states and protection against interference. Such a system allows you to experience equipment for a quantum Internet. Currently, scientists work on an increase in the number of nodes and the addition of program and hardware protocols.

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