Scientists have created so durable glass that they can scratch diamond


Researchers have developed a glass of a new type, which is the most durable amorphous material in the world and has semiconductor properties.

Usually, non-crystalline substances to which plastics, resins, glass, wax and the like are not associated with something very durable. However, the Materials from Yanshhan University decided to destroy this stereotype by creating a stable amorphous material, which almost 13 times became harder.

For this, the team used spherical fullerenes, which under the action of high temperature and pressure crushed and mixed together until the glass, named AM-III, was formed. Experiments have shown that the hardness of the new material is 113 GPa, which is higher than the steel indicator (9 GPa) and even a diamond (70-100 GPa).

Subsequent mechanical tests confirmed that the obtained glass is the most durable material with a unorganized (amorphous) structure. It can scratch the diamond surface.

The team also found that the AM-III has a semiconductor properties with a bandaged zone range from 1.5 to 2.2 eV, as in conventional silicon. According to scientists, such a combination of qualities allows the use of new material in photoelectric devices.

Although AM-III is a stronger diamond, but still it is inferior to the recently obtained superhard

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