Scientists have created plants that can identify explosives and instantly signal about it


The researchers have implemented nanotubes spinach in the leaves that react to the presence of an explosives component nearby, forcing the plant to radiate a weak glow.

Specially designed nanoparticles detect nitroaromatic compounds that are often part of explosives. When chemicals are in contact with water near the plant, the leaves begin to emit a weak fluorescent signal, which can be seen using an infrared chamber.

Engineers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology automated the information process by sending a sensor to the computer to the compute. When the camera fixed the signal change, the system immediately sent a notification to email.

According to scientists, due to the branched root system and the constant circulation of water in the leaves, the plants are well suited for chemical analysis of the environment. In addition to the definition of explosives, they can also be used to monitor air and soil pollution.

Recall that earlier researchers were also able

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