Scientists have created an inexpensive protective coating for paper products that does not harm health and ecology


Researchers have created a polymer coating for paper packaging, which is rapidly destroyed in a natural environment and does not contain harmful components.

Currently paper cups, packaging for juice, various boxes and other similar products are protected from external influence using elastic thermoplastics. The problem is that such lamination is very durable and well sticks to the surface, which does not allow recycle paper and harms the ecosystem if it falls into the reservoir.

An alternative option is the use of perfluoroalkyl substances hazardous human health (PFAS).

Now the team from Michigan University offered a completely safe way to protect paper products. Scientists have developed a coating consisting of biodegradable and biodegradable components. It includes oil used for contact lenses, polyvinyl alcohol and starch-like polymer obtained from mollusks.

A new coating has a low cost of production, is not plastic, protects well from external influence and decomposes in natural conditions for water, carbon dioxide and other neutral substances. Since it is not so elastic, like thermoplastics, it can be easily removed from the surface, just softening paper.

Previously, we also reported that Coca-Cola has already started testing its prototype

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