Scientists have created a thermoelectric ring that generates energy from the heat of the body


Researchers have developed a self-expanding flexible device that converts the heat of the human body into electricity.

A team of scientists from the Colorado University decided to use the thermoelectric effect to create a flexible system in the form of a ring. As the basis, they took the polymer doped with silver nanoparticles (polyamine), which is able to restore its chemical connections after the break. Next, thermoelectric generators fastened on it in the form of thin plates connected using a liquid metal wire.

The device uses the temperature difference between the heat of the body and the ambient air to generate 1 in electrical energy per square centimeter of the skin to which it concerns. Several separate segments can be combined into a bracelet that can generate about 5 B, which is sufficient to feed a small wearable electronics, such as a clock or fitness tracker.

The components of the system are fully recycled, since they can be dissolved or separated in a special solution.

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