Scientists have created a simple device for remote neurological examination


Engineers developed a «smart» neurological hammer and a mobile application for its configuration, allowing the doctor to conduct a study of deep reflexes remotely.

During quarantine, the patients began to cancel all the incorrect meetings and procedures to once again not be dangerous. This led to the rapid development of telemedicine. Despite the convenience of this technology, it does not allow specialists to remotely conduct physical studies, such as an assessment of the reflex reaction, requiring certain skills to properly affect the tendon.

Engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, together with colleagues from the University of Tohoku, decided to fill this gap. They created a simple diagnostic tool calculated for use by close patient or guardian. The team modified the usual non-reactive hammer from the supermarket and attached a small wireless inertial measuring unit to it.

The sensor collects data on the acceleration of the hammer and transmits them through Bluetooth to a special mobile application based on artificial intelligence, which interprets them and determines whether the correct point has been performed and with the right force. For the correct estimate, it is pre-selected which tendon is checked.

The result is immediately displayed on the smartphone screen. If an incorrect exposure, the application recommends changing the power of the blow or adjusts the point of the blow using a LED marker that lights up green when you get into the desired place and red in case of an error. To fix the result, you need to make several correct shots.

The tests have shown that after a short briefing and pairs of trial strikes, newcomers coped quite well with the task and caused the right reactions. This allowed the doctors who observed them through the video link, to produce a loyal assessment of deep reflexes remotely, sitting in their offices.

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