Scientists have created a crystal 1.6 times stronger and tougher diamond


Researchers have created a crystal of Lonsdaleit, which turned out to be 58% more durable and rigid than the usual diamond.

Almaz has good optical properties, high thermal conductivity and is the most solid natural material on our planet. It is usually used in various cutting devices, drills and other tools for abrasive processing. However, now scientists were able to create and study in laboratory conditions a fairly large sample of material called LonsDylit — hexagonal polymorphic modification of diamond with a more dense placement of carbon atoms.

To obtain it, a group of researchers used a shock compression method by shooting in a small diamond graphite disks with a coin size. With the help of compressed gas and guns, the shells accelerated to an incredible speed of 24 140 km / h. Following the diamond, they created powerful shock waves, compressing the structure of the crystal to the Lonsdalet.

At this time, scientists have directed small sound waves to the sample and tracked them to move through the material using lasers. The speed of the sound depends on the density (or rigidity) of the medium in which it moves. After analyzing the data obtained during the experiments, the team determined that LonsDelitis is 58% stronger than diamond, which is the highest rate among all the materials known for today.

However, in the near future should not be expected that this modification will become available. The problem is that in the laboratory, the superproof form of diamond existed only the fraction of a second, until the crystal was destroyed from the huge impact force of the graphite disk. Therefore, in the future, researchers will search for a way of obtaining stable samples.

Recall that earlier scientists have created

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