Scientists have come up with a way to connect the entire Galaxy to the Internet


The researchers offered to use gravitational lenses to focus signals of the interstellar communication network.

The first messengers to other solar systems will be robotic probes that will transfer us the collected data on distant worlds. Their radio signals are quite weak and quickly lose their power with increasing distance. Therefore, to establish communication with interstellar travelers, humanity will require a reliable communication channel.

To solve this problem, scientists offered to use the sun and other closest stars as gravitational lenses to focus signals. The effect of the curvature of such massive bodies will allow you to directly change the path of radio signals, as light passing through the optical lens.

According to preliminary calculations of the researchers, this method will allow to transfer data between the solar system and alpha centaurus at a speed of approximately 1 kbps, which is comparable to an early Internet indicator.

The effect of gravitational lincing can be applied for other purposes. For example, NASA wants to photograph an exoplanet surface using the sun

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