Scientists have come up with a method for printing paper speakers for low-cost surround sound systems.


Researchers have developed technology for the production of compact flexible rolls of paper speakers, which can be used to create low-cost information and entertainment systems indoors.

The team from Chemnitsky Technical University found a way to print solid rolls of loudspeakers, from which you can make speakers in the form of rings to provide surround sound. Initially, they developed separate transmitting sound sheets with two layers of conductive organic polymer and squeezed with a thin piezoelectric material. Such speakers are 90% consisting of paper.

The core fluctuates under the action of incoming electrical signals and air displacement generates clean and loud sound. Polymer sheets perform the functions of the electrodes. Since the use of such a device was strongly limited, the team has improved the printing technology.

Having developed a method of stream printing partitions for paper loudspeakers and application of an invisible protective laminating layer, scientists were able to produce dynamics with a plurality of segments in the form of rolls. You can not only apply color printing from two sides, but also bend into rings to obtain surround sound.

During testing, the command made a round four-meter speaker with 56 separate T-Ring loudspeakers. With a mass of 150 g, the device included 7 segments and printed circuit. Such systems can be used for promotional purposes or in public buildings, such as exhibitions, museums, as well as for homogeneous sounds in long sections, such as corridors.

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