Scientists for the first time created metal water on earthly conditions


The international group of researchers first managed to create water with metal properties in a vacuum chamber. As it turned out, it has a golden shade.

In the school course of physics, we all talked about that ordinary water is a conductor, and distilled — almost perfect dielectric. This is due to the fact that hydrogen and oxygen atoms in its molecule are weak, and the electrons between them are poorly moved.

To convert the water into a good conductor, its molecules must be squeezed to such an extent that the orbits of the external electrons of individual atoms intersect. On earthly conditions it is difficult to do, since such pressure is present only in the nuclei of huge planets, such as Jupiter. However, a team of 11 research institutes found another way to create an aqueous solution with metal properties.

In the Bessy II laboratory, they used alkali metals (sodium-potassium alloy), which easily give their external electron and quickly interact with water. To avoid too turbulent reaction and ignition, instead of immersion of metal into the water, the group applied it to a drop of liquid alloy.

Experiments were carried out in a vacuum chamber, where at room temperature from the thin nozzle, the sodium-potassium alloy drip. Nearby there was a tube through which water steam was sent to the liquid metal at a pressure of 10 mbar. In about 10 seconds, the drop of grew up, the steam was condensed on it, creating a water film, the thickness of everything in several molecules.

When contacting water, electrons and alkali metal cations almost instantly dissolve in it. Since the released electrons in water behave like free electrons in the conduction zone, the film acquired metal properties. The phase transition to metal water can be observed with the naked eye for a few seconds: the silver drop of alloy is covered with a golden film.

The fact of obtaining metal water was confirmed using several spectroscopic analyzes. They showed that the frequency of plasmons of the golden metal water film is about 2.7 eV (located in the blue range of the visible spectrum), and the conduction zone has a width of about 1.1 eV.

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