Scientists cooled the substance to the lowest of fixed temperatures — 38 Picochelvins


German physicists were able to cool the substance to 38 ∙ 10-12 k, which is the lowest of ever registered temperatures.

The minimum temperature indicator over the thermodynamic scale is -273.15 ° C (0 K). However, it is impossible to achieve absolute zero, since we can never remove all the kinetic energy from the system atoms. Nevertheless, scientists try to get closer to this level as close as possible in the laboratory.

The team from the University of Bremen installed a new record of cooling substance, reducing its temperature to 38 picochelvins (trillion fractions of Kelvin). For this, researchers with a magnetic field moved a cloud of 100 thousand rubidium atoms into a vacuum chamber, and then cooled to 2 NK.

At such a temperature, the substance goes into a state of a quantum gas, called the bose-einstein condensate, where all substance begins to show waveforms and is actually merged into one large atom, demonstrating strange quantum effects on the macro level.

For further cooling, physics was discharged a vacuum trap from a 120-meter height. During the free fall, the magnetic field containing the gas has been repeatedly disconnected and again turned on. Such shifts slowed down the extension of the gas almost until a complete stop. This further reduced the oscillation rate of atoms, which led to a decrease in temperature in the system.

Although during the experiment, the team managed to maintain an indicator of 38 PCs throughout 2 seconds, but simulation showed that this time can be increased to 17 seconds.

Recall that recently researchers also found new confirmations of the other

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