Samsung presented the first prototype system 6G in the terahertz band


Samsung has demonstrated the first working prototype system 6G with a radius of 15 meters and a data transfer rate of 6.2 Gb / s.

Despite the fact that the 5G networks literally recently began to enter our lives, the developers are already tested by the sixth generation mobile communication systems. Ultimately, they must approximately 50 times exceed 5G at the maximum data transfer rate, and have 10 times smaller delays in the exchange of packages. It will open access to the use of 8K resolution, virtual reality and holographic video on mobile devices.

SAMSUNG researchers in conjunction with scientists from the University of California in Santa Barbara successfully experienced the first prototype of the 6G installation. It turned on the transmitter with a phased antenna grid on 16 channels, a receiver modules and a block of the main frequency band, processing signals and helping to direct the beam to the receiver.

During the tests using a system with a frequency of 140 GHz and a bandwidth of 2 GHz, the command was able to transfer data at a rate of 6.2 Gb / s to a distance of 15 meters. Although the experimental installation exceeded the current record indicator 5G, equal to 5.23 Gbps, until the final version of the technology is still far away.

According to experts, the implementation of 6G mobile networks will begin not earlier than 2030. However, South Korea plans to start testing the sixth generation of digital mobile networks

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