Samsung has developed DDR5 RAM 512 GB


Samsung Electronics announced the development of a new DDR5 DDR5 capacity module with a capacity of 512 GB.

Wanting to demonstrate the potential of the fifth generation standard, the manufacturer decided to create a DRAM for supercomputers, artificial intelligence systems and machine learning. The module is capable of storing 512 GB of data and can transmit them at a speed of 7200 Mbps, which is twice above the current DDR4 indicator.

Such characteristics managed to achieve through the placement on the same chip of eight layers of RAM 16 GB and the use of the innovative technology of High-K Metal Gate, which was previously applied by the company only in video cards.

In chips based on HKMG, silicon oxynitride is replaced by a hafonia, and metals with polycremium electrodes. This increases the efficiency of their work and reduces energy consumption by 13%, which is important for data centers.

The new Samsung memory module will be compatible with the next-generation Sapphire Rapids Xeon Scalable Intel processors.

Storage devices are quickly improved, and recently scientists have developed even more efficient and fast type

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