Samsung experienced a 5G network prototype with 5.23 Gb / s data transfer rate


Samsung Electronics was able to raise the data transfer rate in the new version of the 5G wireless mobile network.

To achieve this result, the project team used the E-UTRAN double radio channel technology and carrier aggregation to combine multiple spectrum channels.

During the test, the company combined 40 MHz frequencies 4G and 800 MHz frequency 5G to millimeter waves. This allowed to transmit Samsung Galaxy S20 + to the smartphone with a total 4G / 5G data with a speed of 5.23 Gb / s.

After a successful demonstration, the Vice-President of the GI-Yun Sol said that improved technology will help mobile operators to significantly improve the quality of services due to existing equipment.

Since 5G technology is quickly improved, in 2026 South Korea is already planning to start

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