Salvador became the first country led by Bitcoin


Salvador Parliament by a majority of votes approved the draft law of NIIB Buckle, assigning the Bitcoin the status of a legitimate payment.

62 of the 84 deputies of the Legislative Assembly supported the draft law, which is expected to sign the presidential approval procedure. NIIIB BUKEL, which is

According to the English translation of the draft law published on Twitter of the President, he undertakes every organization to take Bitcoin as payment for goods, work and services, and also allows the use of the first cryptocurrency for paying taxes and excludes it from the list of taxation facilities.

The government will help the private sector in the integration of new settlement mechanisms, will create a trust fund at the Salvador Development Bank to ensure instant conversion to US dollars for business, as well as train the population to use a digital currency. Citizens will be able to keep their assets in any comfortable wallet.

The Presidential Office also spoke about the plans for providing tax breaks for Bitcoin-oriented companies.

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